Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Google+ Review

mark stahl
a week ago
Fantastic Philosophy to cultivating understanding and implementing this "must have" piece of your business in today's virtual marketplace. I found Marshall to be an excellent source of experiential knowledge and willingness to coach not to mention his attention to detail and follow thru to completion. The team of mentors dedicated to your marketing cause is not short of working working with superheros each with their unique and powerful skill set dedicated to you and your business goals. They are beyond recommendation !!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why PR and Content Marketing is More Effective

People are turning to digital media options more and more each day. Also, with ad blockers in almost all of our devices, banners and other ad assets are not being seen. PR is received as editorial - seen as a newsworthy way to inform readers of new products in the industry. So, when you’re deciding where to allocate your marketing budget this year, steer clear of the stuff that ad blockers target, and start thinking content and PR. You can make sales by adding valuable information to your audience, informing prospects of new products, and selling – and your customers will love you for being less annoying than those other guys.

Mutliple Locations and Local SEO

One pattern we often see is that larger and seemingly more authoritative businesses do not perform as well in local search as they should. And having multiple locations amplifies the need for solid local SEO foundations. A common issue we come across is the lack of a well-optimized and well-performing landing page for local businesses. We must tick our SEO boxes here, but we must also maximize the leads generated from these pages — to do this, we have to look at the intersection of lead generation and local SEO.

New Local SEO Rules from Google

At first glance the new Google update seems to make life only harder for local businesses, in reality there may now be MORE exposure opportunity for MORE businesses. The top-3 local results are in rotation — depending on the searcher's physical location. In the in-house test lately for the past few days compared local results for "Plumbers in Seattle", each time browsing Google using 10 different Seattle IP addresses.  In each of the locations we were getting at least slightly different results, which showed that 2 searchers standing just several miles away from each other will probably see different local packs in Google.